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These are the first boots I've owned, so I won't try to talk about the quality or performance of either. Instead, since they are in the same price range and seem to offer similar protection, I took some side-by-sides to help anyone who is on the fence like I was.

A few notes on sizing:

1. I'm somewhere between 11-11.5 US in most shoes. 11.5US always leaves some room for my toes, but some 11's are too tight. I bought both of these boots in size 11US, and both let my foot travel a bit from heel to toe. They aren't so big that it bothers me, and the next size down (10) would definitely be too small.

2. If you're a big guy/girl, you will probably love the Axo boots. My brother, 6'5" ~250, loves the extra room through the calves of his (you can see the difference in the top-view picture). I don't have twigs, but I'm not a professional soccer player either. I didn't like the amount of room the Axo's had through the calf. The more snug fit of the Cortech boots felt infinitely better to me.

3. If you have wide feet, I would again suggest the Axo boots. I only tried them on walking around the house, but through the toe they feel a bit more roomy. I put just shy of 1000 miles on the Cortech boots over the weekend and experienced some discomfort on my right (bigger foot) big toe, though they feel plenty roomy so I may just be positioning that foot awkwardly while riding.

I haven't ridden in the Axo's, but my brother raves about how comfortable they are. In my little walk around the house, I'd have to agree that they are very comfortable. Probably more so than the Cortech's, which seem more rigid.

Last note: the Cortech boots breathe great! Dry socks all weekend, despite 3-hour stints of aggressive riding in 90-degree weather.

Hope this helps someone make a decision. I will be selling the Axo boots as soon as I find time. They are size 11US, new in box with tags. I have walked in them, on carpet, maybe 15 steps. They have not been worn, ridden in or used in any way other than those 15 steps.

For anyone worried that my review may be one-sided in an attempt to sell the Axo's, please note that I kept the Cortech's for a reason. In my inexperienced opinion, I believe the Cortech boot offers more protection in the ankle area, is perforated so probably breathes much better than the Axo, looks much nicer and fits better. I would suggest the Cortech over the Axo to anyone, barring the previously mentioned sizing points.
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