Howdy all
I have a box of super clean replacement parts oem 2g parts all in excellent condition the bike was never crashed,. never dropped, never abused, all parts are recently removed and available, make me an offer

OEM Windscreen clean, no cracks
Road surface Grey Automotive design Asphalt Glove

Dark smoked bubble windscreen on bike for 2 mo, 3 rides.. clean no scratches
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Asphalt Automotive exterior

Side covers (both)
Moka pot Rectangle Gas Font Art

Front fender 2008/9 -Oort Grey YHG
Hood Grey Asphalt Road surface Automotive design
Grey Road surface Creative arts Asphalt Automotive design

Gas cap w/Key

OEM "rear sets" complete

OEM type brake fluid reservoir. (Br new replacement that was replaced after 2 rides )
WITH plastic + ALLOY CNC caps new feeder hose, clamps .
Fluid Hood Blow torch Gas Automotive lighting
Watch Hand Analog watch Plant Clock

Rider seat / Passenger seats
Grey Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive design Tints and shades

Brake rotors front and rear - fronts still good, rear like new still

Front brake calipers w/fresh pads.

OE Front Brake MC and Clutch perch with CNC adjustable folding levers and titanium clamp hardware upgrades, w/a brand new OEM rubber clutch pivot hood/boot, AND a brand new OEM clutch switch. These have also had the pivots custom shimmed so they pivot smooth and cleanly..No Slop.
Sleeve Bicycle handlebar Wood Electric blue Font

I know there is more..
Need to figure out pricing,.. in the mean time, make me an offer on anything of interest i'll be posting up pics as well over the weekend..