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As of Now - cool music

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As of Now is a great little midwestern band - anyone in the STL check them out at Cicero's! Ok - so my cousin is the bass player...they still rock:) I set them to some footage of the STL Streetfighterz in an attempt to keep it all local to my hometown. Thanks for giving them a listen!
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that sucked. the video. a bunch of douchenozzles on sportbikes taking up the whole freeway.

How do you really feel, Dan? ;D
Crappy music and squids....what's not to like? :D
The sheer number of them was awesome though.
Oh dear.....
(this message is not directed toward the original poster)

I love riding my bikez on the highwayz in Zt. Louiz nowadayz. The police wave at me and blow me kizzez and all the other cage driverz treat me with rezpect. Yezzir, motorcycle riding in Zt. LouiZ is ZWEEET!!!!!! :angry7:
highway wheelies izz so cool brah.


wit a Z. Toughest biker gang evar
. . . .i do like the song. as for the video. . .well not so much
One more reason to avoid the Midwest.

EDIT: Around 1:30 some guy dropping down from standing on his tank almost swerves into an oncoming car. Super cool. That is me being facetious.
well, having seen that, I'm 23 years old, pretty new to riding, and can't stand that crap. and I'll be ****ed if I'm help that become the young rider stereotype.
You know what? the music is really good, but the video........all those riders deserve to have there licenses pulled, that stupid sh!t on the street is going to get laws passed that remove our rights to ride these bikes.

What do you think the people in the cars were thinking as these bikes pass them doing wheelies and weaving around in front of them on the highway? It sure wasn't "look at that guy, he's cool", it was probably more of "look at that idiot, he's gonna crash in front of me and I am going to hit him at 60mph and it is going to be my fault, because I am behind him, his mommy and daddy are going to try and sue me".

We will not even go down the road of the tool doing a STOPPIE on the F'ing HIGHWAY!

Justice will be served when one of these guys dies, unfortunatly some innocent person will have to live with imagry of this bike and rider dieing in front of them or being run over by there car.

Sorry for the rant. Music was really good.
I thought the music sounded pretty generic hammer the four cords you know as hard as you can. The video made me want to pass a law against sport bikes and I don't like laws and do like sport bikes. Maybe we should pass a law against idiots.
FAIL. Music FAIL. Squids FAIL. St. Louis FAIL.
Tough crowd tonight.
does anyone else find videoz of a bunch of wheeliez and stoppiez quite boring?

As far as the music, it was ok, the vocals showed promise, but the music itself seemed to lack a little feeling, like there was just something missing, with some work they could be decent
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