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Rider or lifestyler ?

Are you a 'lifestyler' or just someone who rides ?

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Are you into the 'lifestyle' of motorcycles ? Does almost ANY motorcycle intrigue you in at least some way ? Do you follow or enjoy watching racing, even if you have no idea what's going on ? Do you dig the history ? Can't get enough of bikes, but don't really know why nor do you care ? Know exactly what I'm talking about but never really thought about it ?


DO you ride b/c it looked like a cool thing to do ? Ride b/c your friends all ride ? Enjoy riding, but could walk away from it and never look back if something else fun came along ? Ride as an economical means of commuting ? Couldn't care less about other bikes unless they are faster/cooler/nicer than yours ? Not exactly sure what I'm talking about, and feeling a little uncomfortable trying to decide ?
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Started out as "just another rider" commuting and whatnot. But the longer I go into it, the more obsessed I become with the whole affair.
Would riding to work in the snow even though I have a truck qualify me as a lifestyler? ;D

Oh, and I have garage full of bikes too.
Bikes have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I bought my first bike 11 years ago when I was 19, had to wait until I could buy my own. I've owned cruisers and sportbikes, personally the type of bike doesn't matter as long as I'm on two wheels.
^what he said, I've been on two,three, and four wheels since I was four years old. I don't beleive I could sleep at night knowing there is'nt an uncaged ride out in the garage, be it dirt or street.
something about the wind blowing around you and zooming down a scenic canyon gives me a sense of freedom i dont really find anywhere else (except sky diving haha!)
If its on two wheels, I like it.

I have owned an HD, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda, all at the same time.

I have ridden twisties, done track days, sport toured, dirtbiked, and did huge HD cruiser rides.....on a cruiser.

I have been to two motoGp races in person, as well as a couple(HD) "bike weeks" in three different states.

I watch almost any racing on two long as I catch it. I'll watch a motorcycle race before any pro sport..non, football, Basket ball, and/or baseball game.

I do as much work on my own bikes as I can.

I have built my own bike from a pile of parts.

I make and sell parts for bikes.

I hear anything that remotely sounds like a bike, I stop what I am doing, and see what it is.

I ride cause I love to ride..for the ride me, its a natural transition from riding bicycles as a kid..from the time I had my first bike with training wheels at age 4-5, to when I got my first bike, a 1985 Honda Nighthawk 450 at age 17 or 18.

In my years of riding, I have had three motorcycle accidents..two track ones, and one on the street. The last track one gave me my first ever broken bone(femur), and three weeks later sent me to the hospital with massive pulmonary embolism..almost killing me...yet I still ride.

I have gained some really good friends from riding/motorcycles, and I have some lost some really good friends from riding/motorcycles.

Bikes are a passion and a vice for need for drugs, smokes or whores..I'd say alcohol too...but what am I, a fricken Mormon. LOL

What was the question? ;D
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I guess I should have read the question before I voted in the poll. I voted "someone who rides" because I figured that lifestyler was someone who was just into the lifestyle or a poser.

I love bikes, all bikes intrigue me and I've always liked them my entire life but didn't start riding until a few years ago. For years I've wanted a bike but it was never a priority. Now that I've had a couple I'm completely hooked.

Honestly, I was completely hooked when I bought my first one...;D
I've liked riding since I got my first bike at 17, but never really got into things like racing, or even enjoying looking at other bikes.

I bought the SV as a toy... something for fun, and because I had extra money. I hadn't ridden in a couple years, and I ended up enjoying it, despite puting the bike up for the first winter.

And now, it's like I can't really look at a bike without seeing something I like about it. Regardless of brand or style, I just enjoy seeing the different ideas that people have come up with.

I'm not a racing person. I think it's boring, regardless of the type of vehicle. I appreciate the technical aspects, and the skill it takes, but I can't ever bring myself to watch it. I went to Indy, and it was a lot of fun. Still don't like racing though... but the pretty colors and the funny accents get me by. FTRS. :thumbsup:

I'm not a "live to ride, ride to live" kind of guy. Catch phrases, awards, plaques, certificates, and the like, I feel, are just not for me. I have nothing to prove to anyone else about how much I like motorcycling.
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Not really sure how to respond. I ride because I like the feeling of being out in the open where I can feel, smell and see the world so much better than inside a car. It calms me down, even if I'm stuck sweating in traffic and people are trying to kill me. I don't give a hoot if no one I associate with don't know I ride, and they don't since I usually keep my gear on my bike and in my locker. I don't watch racing. I'm not loyal to any particular company, and I definitely don't know the history....other than Honda and I share the same b-day. Riding is more expensive if the cost of modding is not considered. I can't really recognize any bikes. Today I just asked another biker if his bike was the blue R6 I parked next to a couple times a week....he said it was some sort of Honda. I would give up riding if something better came along, but I don't think personal flight is going to become feasible any time in my lifetime.
I voted for the opposite ,cause i did'nt read the posts 1st.
I guess im a Lifestyler, seeing as iv'e ridden my Sv approx: 70,000mi. since 2002
I'm a lifestyler.
I guess I am just slightly to lifestyler side of the fence but not dramatically... I can't see being without a bike after owning once since 03 but... not into just any bike because it has 2 wheels. I like watching racing if I can... don't go out of my way for it though. I never got the bike to look cool... liked it because it was exhilarating, challenging. And considering all the good friends I have met along the way... couldn't walk away from that.
Can't say I care which I am. Or which anybody else thinks I am. Haha.
oh geez, i voted wrong. i voted before i read the post. when i read lifestyle i immediately think of jason britton super bike types. hanging out at the club with all the other ruff ryders.
I only ride my bike cuz it's stylish. You won't see me out unless it's well into summer after a couple rains have cleared the dirt off the roads.
I was given my first dirtbike for christmas about 25 years ago when i was 7. since then i've been through many bikes. 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, dirtbikes and motorcycles. its just the greatest feeling in the world to be on a bike. nothing like it ! had a great solo ride today , stopped off at a smoke house grabbed me some ribs and hit the road was a nice day to be on 2 wheels. its that time of the year again so ride safe brothers and sisters.
I'm a lifestyler. I've been riding since I could walk, I'm always tinkering and playing with my bike making it my own. I think thats the reason I like SV's so much (even though I don't own one anymore [but i'mma remedy that ASAP]) They are relativley inexpensive, there are so many mods and ways to make the bike "one off" and unique. I ride rain or shine, regarless of tempurature and love it.
As long as "lifestyler" doesn't have anything to do with assless chaps, tatoos, leather vest, fingerless gloves, loud pipes saving lives, covers to add weight and cover things that don't need covering, or chrome for the sake of chrome, then I'm a lifestyler.
I was 15 when I got on a dirt bike for the first time. a year later my mom divourced that A******. next time riding was when I was 18 and I blew th emotor out of my Charger. my roomate had a 74 honda cb750 he sold me for $400 and I rode it for 2 years as my only form of transpotation. After it finally died with 217k miles on it, I bought another bike for a fun bike because at the same time I bought a car. back and forth for another 5 years or so then I wreched my gsxr Jan 13 2001. The first year I was scared to ride realy I was. but then one day as I was riding as a pasenger in a friends convertible, I remembered what I missed and for 5 more years it haunted me teribly. Finally after 3 years of marriage I convinced my wife to allow me to buy a bike. then I bought my SV. used it as a toy for two years, deployed, sold my car. Now I am returning to the US with only the SV as transport. As far as racing I enjoy watching it but dont follow it closely. I do enjoy looking at bikes and if I go into a showroom it is a guaranteed 2-3 hour stop especialy at my brothers work (Mikes famous harley davidson). just before I bought the SV I wrecked my car at deals gap and sat of the side of the road for a lil bit waiting for my car club to come back up the mountain. I met dozens of bikers and bikes and every single one stopped to see if I needed help same thing applied to the accura guys who share the dragon with us that weekend every year. So now i have a bike again as a DD and look forward to riding in misery once again just becuse I can handle it and no one else around me can. I am "that guy" with the bike again
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