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Anyone up for a Talimena Drive ride Saturday?

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Saturday's weather is supposed to be mid 70's and sunny. We should meet up and ride. I'm thinking meet in Talihina around 10 am then ride up the the lodge for lunch. Then from there I'm not sure.

There are several other roads in the area that are great too, but I don't think we'll have time to do them all in one day.

Clayton Lake over to Talihina is one. Stigler down to Talihina. Hwy 259 South off of the Talimena is awsome. So any suggestions are welcome.
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How was the ride? Find any other good roads? I might be heading up that way on spring break....
I ended up not going since no one said they were interested. Went up to Rich's house and took pictures while he put his race bike together.

We're headed to Kerrville for Spring Break. We've never been down there riding so this should be fun.
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