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Anyone Installed Handlebars on SV1000S?

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I am working on installing an LSL superbike handlebar kit from Speigler on my 2005 SV1000S. I was wondering if anyone has done this and could share lessons learned. How did you re-mount the brake resevior? I am thinking of welding a mounting point to the handlebar versus drilling a hole. The stock bar has a hole to receive the resevior mounting bolt.

The stock bars also have an indentation to accept the mounting dog from the switches. Did anyone drill the LSL bars to accept the switches or did they try something else?

Any other advice or lessons learned would be appreciated. Thanks
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I would just pick up a pair of SV650 naked chrome handlebars real cheap and use them. They will already be drilled for your switches, etc.
Then sell the bars the kit came with here...they will go quick.
spiegler and some other manufactures sell clamp on reservoir mounts.
Your simplest method would be to replace the master with one from the naked version which has the built-in reservoir. These are commonly available (& cheap) on EBay - particularly from Hayabusa.

What I did on my 650S bar conversion was to mount the bracket (with a slight tweaking) to the top bolt of the clamp securing the master to the bar.
(I'll try to find pic)

Here is a cost-effective bar mount - and of course can be oriented in any angle.

More expensive - but classy - option is to go with something like this from Rizoma
Thanks for the ideas. I'll let you know what I come up with.
One of the resident mad scientists (i.e. nut :icon_biggrin: ) over on the SV1000 forum did this. Here is his homebrew how-to thread:
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