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Anyone have the Airtech Solo Seat COWL?

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I'm looking for pictures of the airtech solo seat cowl on a 1st gen. I've seen pictures of their solo seat, but the only one I've seen of the cowl is the crappy one on their site.
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Yes, a few of us snatched some up during a group by about 2yrs ago.
This is when my bike was black, I dont have any of it in white- I havent repainted the cowl yet as Im considering selling it (I've got 2 different cowls, both which rarely get used)

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It's much taller than I thought it would be.

Do you not use them because you are riding 2-up all the time, or because you find them to be a problem?

I'm trying to decide between this one and the Pyramid version, but I don't know if I will actually use the thing if it's a pain.
I dont use them because it seems like every time I take the grab rail off (necessary for using either cowl I have) my g/f tells me she wants to ride pillion. So I have been leaving the grab rail and seat on just for convenience.
The cowl attaches using the stock seat latch hardware and snaps on and off quick and gives a little extra room under the seat.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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