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I know I can get the M4 map from DynoJet... but I was wondering if anyone had any others that would be useful to try... (eg the Fuel Moto M4 one) or a custom one.... perhaps it won't make a huge difference between the maps as long as they are for the PCIII and a M4 Exhaust... I don't have any other mods done yet... I will likely change out the front air snorkle for the sv1000k snorkle if that makes a difference... I've heard the stock filter and the BMC as well as the K&N are pretty much the same as far as flow... so I am sticking with the stock one for now... perhaps K&N down the road when I need to get a new filter... if it helps in the slighest...

Mine is the 2006 SV650s... I'm not sure if 2007+ maps would work in it since they are slightly different in the engine design, but 03-06 should be ok... correct me if I am wrong...

I intend to someday get a custom map done, but right now I don't have an extra $300 burning a hole in my pocket... so I just need something to get me close...

Or should I just say to hell with it and opt for the DynoJet web site supplied SV650 + M4 map?
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