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Any word on these stands?

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Saw these on EBay, and my wife wont let me spring for a quality set from Pit Bull or LP. Any thoughts on how these would work out?

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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check these out;

if you aren't going to go with pit bull stands, these are the ones to consider if on a budget. t-rex are inexpensive but not cheap. i have a t-rex rear stand and it is by far the best bang for your buck.

those others are just plain cheap.
Thanks a lot, those are exactly what my Brother in law has, except h e paid 80 for the set. That's what I get for waiting i guess.
I have one of those first choice junkies.... The bike wobbles until it settles... no good..
The T rex are better.
I have one of those first choice junkies.... The bike wobbles until it settles... no good..
The T rex are better.
Exactly. I have the set first mentioned as well. I bought them shortly after acquiring the bike and did not know better. I have to say though, they've been put to very good use this winter on the project bike. Not a bad product at all, but not a pitbull product either.

If all you want it for is chain oiling and occasional wheel removal, they'll work just fine. If you are the type that puts it on stands every night, get something better.
I just ordered my T-rex rear and and front triple stand yesterday. All the reviews I've read seem to lean tward them recently changing the design to improve on some people's issues with the rear stands bending and bowing. Can't wait till they get here next week as I need to swap out my suspension (Fork Springs/Oil and Rear Shock).
I am not awesomely thrilled with my TRex's compared to my handys or LPs or the putpulls I used, but they get the job done.
I have t-rex stands ,Very nice at a good price.
Thanks a lot, those are exactly what my Brother in law has, except h e paid 80 for the set. That's what I get for waiting i guess.
Even at this price this is a kcik @$$ deal. I have a rear and fork stand and while they are not pitbull, for the money I don't think you can do better.
I luckily found front and rear lockhart phillips stands used, $120 both.

Interesting to find T-Rex owners liking theirs. Locally I've heard bad stuff about them. But really, if it does the job, it does the job.
I bought a set of t-rexs to have a second set to keep in the trailer for trips to the track (stuff can walk away at the track if you aren't careful). Pit Bulls are great, but the t-rex are good enough for occassional use. I've heard reports of bad builds, but overall quality seems to be decent.
my rear trex isnt perfect, the bike leans left while on it.

but it was cheap

I bought as set of Handys that while I have only used them once SEEM to be much nicer

I had to wait a month to get them though....
I have no complaints with my set of TRex stands. I've had my SV and RC51 on the rear stand a couple times, and used the front stand with the RC51 with no problems.
They are cheap, but they work.

Stay away from this design
It' bends when you just roll it around the garage with no weight on it! I returned this one and got the one above. Works on my Superhawk and my/wife's SV.
Lot of silly nonsense talked about stands tbh, for most people's use the cheapo ones are more than adequate. I wore one out, but it took 2 years of constant use on 4 different bikes, hardly typical. Sure, they're a wee bit wobbly, but they work perfectly well, for most people spending more is just throwing money down the drain.

Now I have one of these:

Made from a single stainless bend, and welded up by the same man who welded these:

In hundreds of years, archeologists will dig into my garage and find this stand sat on the floor, absolutely pristine, with a big pile of dust all over it that used to be an SV ;D But it's lovely, and it'll stand my use forever instead of needing to be replaced every few years as cheap stands would.
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Stands are like any other tool. If you just use it occasionally and don't really depend on it, then you can get away with something that's decent but not top-of-the-line, like the T-Rex. If you use it a lot, buy quality. (Pit Bull or similar)
Never, under any circumstances, buy crap just because it's cheap.
check out new enough they had a rear lift for like 60 bucks that looked pretty good.
Have any of you ever bothered to look at Oneida for Pit Bull stands? I think you would find the price there to be as low as some of the suggested alternatives in this thread. $108 for the spooled, $115 for the SS version.
That is the one I have - They had it on sale and I used a 20% coupon so I got it for under $40 tax included. It works great and is very solid.
I have one of those Harbor Freight stands. It cost about $36 with coupon.

Works well enough. But notice how the spool doesn't full rest on the spool holder, instead it rests on the flat area that secures the spool fork.

For working up front, I made an adapter for my motorcycle/atv jack:

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