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i recently purchased a pcIII usb on the recommendation of a friend.

i made the purchase before doing any research as i trust this friend. the installation was easy but when i went for my first ride i didn't really notice any difference. i verified that i had the correct map loaded and went for another ride. nothing noticeable.

i hooked it up to the laptop again and noticed that the throttle position indicator in the software didn?t change much. even at full throttle.
so i disconnected the tps splice and started the bike up. no change.

i sent an email off to dyno jet and they made three recommendations. replace the tps wire splice. use dielectric grease on all the connections. set the throttle position in the software(failing to this means the pc is making the wrong adjustments at all throttle positions).

i did as instructed and now i DO notice a difference. a pretty big one actually. drivability is greatly improved. rolling into maintenance throttle seems much smoother in the turns. when i roll on at 4500 the revs seems to build quicker than they used too.

so all of that was to basically say that if you're disappointed with your pc (and it's a pc III usb), hook it up to a laptop, verify that you're getting a good signal from the unit and the tps (if not then check/replace the wiresplice, use dielectric grease) set the throttle position in the software. upload the right map and try again.

hope it helps some.

btw, hello to all, been lurking for some time but rarely post. great site, good info, good BS, seemingly(j/k) good people. i'm in the portland oregon area if anyone needs assistance with a laptop connection for the above.

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