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(Kent area)

Hey all, been reading a LOT on this site, figured I might as well post a "wuzzzup"!

Just picked up an SV1000S about 2 months ago. (pic in my profile) This is my first bike, just completed my motorcycle safety class 2 weeks prior to picking it up.

I have nothing to compare to but all I can say is I F'n love the bike. I'm addicted to riding, every chance I get I roll it out of the garage even if I'm going a mile down the road.

There is a bit or work I need to do on it, small oil leak (should just be an easy gasket fix). The other thing I'm looking into is the so-called "issue" with the clutch basket/springs causing an annoying vibration/chudder.

I know the vTwins do not play nice @ slow speeds, but it doesn't seem right that I have to feather the clutch up to 25mph just so it doesn't sound like it's gunna fall apart. Other than that it runs VERY nice. I've adjusted the TPS - no change other than lowering my MPG. I'm still a newbie, so everything is a learning process. I'm reading as much as I can here and SV-Portal.

I'm not one to take it to a dealer I would much rather get my hands dirty and learn to do my own work.

Ok, enough rambling (bored at work). See ya around! :headbang:

- Jeff
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