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Another GSXR front/rear hybrid.

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parts list:

95 gsxr 1100 rear wheel
modified rear brake rotor
47 tooth afam alloy sprocket 520

zx10r rear shock

180 qualifier rear, 120/70 qualifier front

07 gsxr 750 front fender
07 gsxr 750 radial master cylinder
06 hayabusa front wheel, narrowed
06 hayabusa front rotors, 320mm
04 gsxr1000 front calipers, rebuilt
05 gsxr750 front axle, narrowed
spiegler dual lines
04 gsxr1000 front forks
05 gsxr 750 upper and lower triples and clip ons
lowes pipe hangers to mount headlamp brackets
pipe hanger scraps to mount tachometer
modified throttle housing to fit clip on
SVS clutch cable
06 gsxr1000 clutch lever and perch

any questions/comments appreciated!

my dad for doing the machine work
D'Ecosse for help with front end measurements
LSCYCLING for the headlamp mount idea
whoever mounted a presrad rear wheel first
and of course the entire community for all the good ideas!
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these brakes are serious business!
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Turned out AWESOME man - really nice work. :headbang:
We'll need to hook up one of these & compare first hand.
thanks, D'! it's like a totally different bike now. i kinda have to change my riding style due to
the clip-ons. it feels much better through the twistys. and oh-boy i got me some brakes now!
Very very nice job man. Congrats. Taken it for a burn yet?
Looks great, you only need to polisch the front wheel (the same as the rear). Love that rear rotor.

And yes those brakes stop much faster than the OEM calipers, it's almost scary :eek:
i took it out for a canyon scrape. feels way better than before. soaks up bumps during turns
without any drama. feels nice and planted when i'm leaned over. i haven't taken it through the canyons with the "new" exhaust yet. hopefully it will stop raining monday or tuesday.

now i just need to dial in my preload and dampening settings.
Want to sell your old blue fender.?
Thats sweet! What rear wheel is it?
Thats sweet! What rear wheel is it?
1995 gsxr 1100 wheel. sand blasted and lip polished. rattle canned the
what did you have to do to get that rear wheel to fit?
That polished lip looks SICK

how do you do that?
That polished lip looks SICK

how do you do that?
a local wheel repair shop sand blasted the wheel then polished the lip for $75.00.
i had the wheel straightened first. cost about $130 i think.
the paint is semi-gloss rattle can wheel paint. turned out pretty well i think :)
what did you have to do to get that rear wheel to fit?
rebuilt with stock bearings, seals and inner spacers. modified brake side spacer.
modified brake caliper hanger. modified tab on swingarm. 520 sprocket. new oem sprocket nuts and bolts. new cush rubbers.
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