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Obviously I'm an Aussie.

Just bought an SV - old as the hills, and with approximately infinity kilometres. I've currently got a near new FZ6, and a Spada, and a scooter, and a car.... But got on the SV and just loved it. It just fit.

So, I'm selling the FZ (which I have no real LOVE for) and tricking up the SV.

It will spend the next few years as a sport touring bike, then when I finally knuckle down and buy a cruiser, it'll be stripped of its bikini fairing (did I mention SV650S?) and turned into a bit of a sporty thing.

So, I guess I just wanted to say hello.

Mission accomplished!

(note: this is a carbon copy of my self introduction to the forum)

Also - in order to allow me to visit more often, does anyone know if there is a trick to finding SVrider on Tapatalk, or is it not possible (no plugin)? TY
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