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Once it stops snowing in Michigan, I intend to ride into Detroit on a commuter basis. This will require considerable safety considerations. With the way insurance works in this state, the more protection the better. With the economy the way it is, more and more people are driving without insurance. In that spirit I purchased this A* bionic vest from my recent stock market proceeds.

I removed the back protectors from my jackets and started wearing this A*'s Bionic SP vest underneath. The construction is excellent. Total cost 144 shipped from motorcycle I am wearing medium dress shirts as tighter fit, but the medium size vest is a tad bit slim. It stretches well enough and does fit around my torso. I would suggest someone who is between two sizes to size down... while uncomfortable, it keeps it more mobile.

The vest fits under both my XL euro sized jacked and US sized Large leather jackets. It provides an added level of comfort for me. While initially it it kinda uncomfortable, it quickly disappeared and I got quite used to the vest hugging my torso. Would I recommend this for everyone? No. For the safety obsessed? Yes.
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