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All of a suden I have a ton of projects

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My SV is just to stinkin reliable, its eons till the valves have to be adjusted. Whats the solution? Buy a trailler full of project hondas.

-1977 GL1000
-1979 GL1000
-Unknown year CL175 [no pink slip]

No pix of my own, but here is the ad:

Total cost, $352.

Holly hell my garage is full all of a sudden.
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gah! IF I was in CA I'd have snatched them from under you.
Wish I saw that. I haven't been on CL since Tues.
Nice find. Now get to work and post more pics.
I'm working my way up to the GLs. First on the list is trying to free up the 175's motor

There is a bit of a learning curve going on here, I've been inside several car motors before but this is my first OHC motorcycle motor.

When I drained the oil no there was no metal. Then I unbolted the valve cover / head and rocked the motor. When the head moves up and down the crank turns a bit. This really makes me think the bottom end is not frozen but one or more of the pistons are. I've had penetrating oil soaking in the cumbustion chaimber for a few days. I've rocked it back and forth in 4th gear but its still stuck. My thinking is that as long as the piston is stuck there is no chance of getting the head off.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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You can get the head off without spinning the crank, then access to the top of the exposed pistons and inspect the cylinders. Sounds like the head gasket is sticking to the cylinders and pulling them off the case?

You may wind of tapping on the top of the pistons to break the rings loose. How badly they are stuck will determine how much honing you have to do. :)

Or waitaminit - the cam chain. Pull the cams and the chain.
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