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Alignment after chain change

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After changing my chain, I can't get both sides of the adjustment in. The chain side is on the 6th mark, right where it should be but I can't get the exhaust side past the fifth mark. The adjustment bolt is loose enough, but I just can't get it in line.

Any tips?

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I know this isn't as accurate as measuring from the axle, but I think it's pretty close. On both sides I measured from the end of the swing arm (swing arm, not the adjuster) an arbitrary length about six inches forward of the axle. From there I got the tension set, tapped the little pointers all the way back and measured from the leading edge to the lines I made.

Mainly what I was going for was a way to measure and be consistent with the ruler so there was no tilting the ruler since it was on a flat surface. Now I know I'm taking a leap in hoping the pointers on each side were the same shape but it seemed to work.
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