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Airbox backfire and stall on throttle blip

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Its an 03 with 12k miles
Dual holeshot high mounts
power commander
I have the idle set at about 1300 rpm.

The PO stated that the PCIII had a custom tune - Due to the flat spots at 3k and 8k, i call his bluff.

Once in a while on throttle blips, i get an airbox backfire. I read all bout it on here, and i have done the pair disconnect. After the pair mod, there was a signifigant reduction in exhaust backfire, but the airbox backfire is still there. It only occurs at the slightest throttle blip when the bike is warmed up. While coming up to a turn this morning, i down shifted from 3rd to 2nd, I blipped the throttle before dropping the clutch and it backfired and stalled. I would assume that its a little lean down low, and a new tune will clean up the powerband, but im thinking that the backfire may be a sign of a valve adjustment in the near future. Any input?
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It's Ironic I was just about to post about "airbox backfire"-

Mines a 05 SVS - Yoshi RS3 slipon + desnorkle- no ECU mods, even the PAIR has been left alone.

But this morning (bikes cool, 70 degrees or so) I blipped the throttle as I turned it on and it HATED it (well sounded like that...) Airbox backfire sounds really bad... - blipping the throttle when its "cool" seems to do it consistently

What causes this?

- Sorry for the thread jacking- just figured id post it since its semi-relevant, at least you know it may not be the PC...

Seems strange yours does it when warmed up though.

Could this be a spark issue?

EDIT: I am on a SV650 - sorry was just clicking on latest posts haha didn't realize it was a 1000 thread- suppose it could easily be similar though.
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