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AGV GP Tech vs. Arai Cosair V

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Its time for a new lid. My local dealer has a closeout Arai Cosair V Helmet for $500 out the door, and as always with Arai helmets on me it fits like a glove. My other considering option is AGV GP Tech which can be for $475. I current have an AGV helmet that is 11 years old. Only 3 consecutive riding seasons on it and time to retire it. Just looking for opinions bc that is considerable amount of money on a lid.
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Your head's worth it.

I went with an Arai because I wear glasses and it helps to be able to slide them into that nice groove. Also it fit perfectly. I'd imagine most DOT/SNELL approved helmets will protect your brain. After that what fits best and meets any other needs you have would be the priority, IMO.

... Also what looks cool.
If it the Arai fits well I'd say go with that. I love my RX-Q.
When I saw the thread title, I had already formed my response:

Get a Shark!

However, if the Arai fits you that well, buy it.
I replaced my AGV V-Flyer with a T-2 a year or so ago. THe T-2 is the baby brother to the GP tech - I absolutely love it. BUt as others have said - if the Arai fits comfortably as well - it really is your choice, I don't think you can go wrong with either of those. Have you checked the reviews at webbikeworld?
Hit up

Got my Shoei RF1100 at a real good price the first month it came out. Much cheaper than anywhere locally or online that I could find.
The Corsair V is a great helmet, but unfortunately one of the heavier on the market. At 3 pounds 14 oz for an XL, you can find much lighter helmets out there. The Corsair V also gets a 4 star SHARP rating.

I recently picked up a Bell RS-1 and it's almost half the price of the Corsair V, it's 7 ounces lighter, and it gets a 5 star SHARP rating. 7 ounces doesn't seem like much, but if you do a lot of track days, like I do, you'll appreciate lighter helmets. Especially if you have neck issues, like I do. An older Web Bike World weight chart:

So, more expensive isn't always better. Do some digging. Don't go on looks alone.
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