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I got the kilaminjaro and upgraded the armor to CE from NewEnough.

Never used it last summer due to beautiful weather but did use it during the fall cool to cold weather
and it is a very warm jacket.

As for dernier ratings ... unless you spend a grand or so for an Aerostich or Motoport, count on the jacket
being disposible after one fall.  That is what was told to me and I have not really seen evidence to the contrary.

I do have a leather-textile MotoGP Grid jacket and pants that I did take a dump in and the leather parts did
hold up fine.

The Kilaminjaro does have an excellent rep for rain ... have not tested in heavy rain but showers and such it is very good.
It is a big and bulky jacket with LOTS OF POCKETS! Plus room for a plastic liquid pouch. It is so big, I don't think I could
fit it in luggage. I would have to wear it all the time especially with the liner in it.
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