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I've been up all night doing homework, so what better way to procrastinate a bit more than finally posting an intro thread on here?

I've been on here for a few months but never did the formal introduction, so here goes.

After selling my first bike, 1998 GSF600 Bandit, I picked up a naked 2003 SV650 last August and rode as much as I could before heading off to school. I love riding every minute of it and it is so much more than the Bandit was! It came with a Yosh slipon, frame sliders, and some kind of hacked up rear fender job but otherwise stock. My only additions so far have been clubman bars which are a great change from the stock position, barend mirrors, rearset riser plates, and Qualifiers that will go on in the spring.

The plans for it this year, besides being my street bike, are a few track days and then hopefully getting my novice racing license through the CRA New Rider Class. For this, light suspension and brake mods will probably do and just a few maintenance projects.

For other MN riders, be sure to check out It has been a great site with many knowledgeable members, smart riders and racers.

I'm just counting the days until this snow should be gone. Though this freezing rain tonight sure doesn't help...:rolleyes:

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