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Hi guys,

I've got a 2008 Sv650s with ABS. I've just bleed the brakes after it has been stored for 1.5-2 years without be ridden.

After bleeding the brakes the ABS has been acting strange on the rear brake.
I can lock up the rear wheel, without ABS engaging, but if I quickly release and reapply the brake I can get the ABS working.
I've tested the front brakes on grass and it seems to work as it should.
At start up the ABS light turns on and turns off after I've rolled a few meters.

Also after bleeding the rear brake it seems to have very little travel and feels unusually firm. It feels like I have to apply very little pressure to lock the rear wheel.
However, this could be due to the tires being from 2014馃槵 (They will be changed ASAP)

I've read that the ABS pump is a weak point for corrosion, but since I can get it to work on second pump and it works fine on the front brakes I doubt that's it.
At least I hope not

Hope someone can help and thanks in advance.
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