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I just want to say thank you to all of the members here who have helped me become the rider/mechanic/technician that I am today.

I'm posting in the Open Forum because it isn't specifically motorcycle related, and most of those that I owe thanks to are paying members.


When I joined this site, my mechanical aptitude was limited to changing oil, wiper blades, and plugging a tire.

I joined with a 100% stock '00 naked some two and a half years ago and over 20 years of riding experience under my belt. In five years of ownership I had done nothing to it. My first mod was to cut off the rear fender. It seemed rather daunting at the time, but I remember one piece of advice that someone here gave me: "Just look at the bike as a whole bunch of little things. If you try to look at it as one whole, it will overwhelm you."

I wish I could remember who told me that.

That one thing pushed me into doing lots of other things. Not only that, but the curiosity in all things mechanical actually helped me get the job I have now. That nasty rewiring job I did two years ago got me a start on a great career path. (I've since cleaned up that wiring job, thank you!)

The stuff I've learned helped me bring a long-dead (29 years, actually) motorcycle back to life; something I would have never attempted otherwise. The only reason I don't have it on the road now is a lack of money.

It's also given me the confidence to resurrect my dad's dead Harley. Again, the only thing stopping me is funding, as I've learned that these engines are very simple, when looked at as a mass of small parts.

What's even more amazing is that I've been able to take the knowledge I've learned from you guys and teach others the things that I didn't know two years ago.

So, yeah, I may be waxing philosophical, and I may seem to be a bit sappy, but I don't care. I owe you guys a lot. Not only is this a great bunch to chat with, but you have taught me a lot.

Again, thanks.
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