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my dad left his carbtune with me from when we were working on my fiancee's bike. i got to wondering if it would work with synchronizing throttle bodies. checked the manual and sure enough, you can. i don't see why you wouldn't be able to anyway.

i think im edging closer to 37,000 miles on it to this point and, sadly enough, i never even thought to get the TB's checked because it was riding just fine. tbh i thought TB's were so awesome that they never really needed to be checked until a few months ago. :dontknow:

anyway, ive got a slow weekend and i went out, hooked everything up, and checked them. they weren't off by much, but could still use some adjusting, spent a minute or two getting them even, then another 5 pulling my hair out attempting to get them perfect. figured they were good enough, buttoned everything back up, and off i went for a test ride. :vroom:

i'll tell you what!!! just that little bit of adjusting made a BIG difference. first of all some of what i thought was just normal vibrations were lessened and acceleration is notably smoother. just the few times that i took off from street lights i found myself pulling away from the other vehicles rather quickly without even really noticing it.

i suppose im just tooting my own horn for a job well done, but what the hay, maybe it'll give someone that extra push to get them synched even if they think they don't need it. :rock:
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