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A Happy Day for Me

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Today I got to pick up a new bike, something I've been dreaming of for several years....

Yes its a Suzuki...

And its BLACK... everyone's favorite color.

But its NOT an SV.... I already have one of those.:nana:

Its a...

A 2008 GSX-R1000!

And here she is at home with her stable mate... my little yellow screamer.

I can't wait to head out to Malibu this weekend and see what she can do! Tonight I put on frame sliders, stand spools, and hooked up a battery tender. Fender eliminator arrives Friday. Pazzo levers should be along next week.

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I like!
Nice, the black is for sure the best. Sharp looking bike, have fun with it.
Is that the one that's also a 600 and a 750?

Yut ugghh!!

Seriously though.... i'm jealous.
I love that scheme too... Sexay...
Freaking awesome!

Are you planning on keeping the SV? I ask because I'm curious how you would "justify" having two bikes. Obviously it's the good ole US of A, if you can afford two bikes, you should be able to have them. But what I mean is are you going to make one a commuter, one a weekend rig, etc?
Very nice. I love the look of that bike in black.
That is one HOT looking bike. Congrats on the new ride
very nice.
Thanks guys.

Yes for now I'm keeping the SV. Honestly, aside from general looks, the two are nothing alike. The riding experience is very different. I haven't decided which way I'll go though, turn the SV into a super comfy commuter/tourer, or turn it into a dedicated track bike.

And its not so hard to afford when you pay it all off and carry no debt. The SV has been paid off for a year now. And I only financed half of the GSX-R. Plus I did it through my Credit Union so the rate is super low for a bike. Around 8% for 3 years. My payments are actually less than they were for the SV! :)
Congrats on a second nice looking bike, enjoy!
Congrats! She's a beauty. :)
Very nice looking bike. Congrats.
WooHoo. Congrats!

Looks like I might be making that move this year too! I don't see myself parting with the SV, but the GSXR feels oh so right between my legs! ;)

Of course I'm checking out a Daytona this weekend too, so we'll see which way the tide turns!
Wes - congrats to you man!!!!
Now that's a bike!

Congrats bro!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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