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The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.. in the hopes that my new SV parts would soon be here.

So, I asked for some parts (undertail, new plate bracket, etc...) for the holiday. My folks were more than happy to get them, but they went one step farther than that! They had Bob Thomas Suzuki of Murrysville, PA come and pick up the bike & take it to their shop to install the parts, do an oil change, "check the valves", and bleed the brakes. This is all stuff I'm capable of doing, and wanted to do. Well, they tell me this last night. Today we go down to talk to the guy to see what "check the valves" involves. This bike has 2400 ('02) miles on it, and I did the 600 mile service per the manual. Well, go down to talk to this guy, and first, they didn't have a work order written up - and then they say we're going to do a "valve check" on it. I ask, "You mean check the tappets?" and this guy says yeah. To which i respond... "well, the service manual doesn't call for that until 15k miles.... he then suddenly dissapears and is nowhere to be found. ::)

The only bonus was it was 50 degrees and I got to go for a ride today. ;D ;D ;D ;D

Avoid Bob Thomas Suzuki in Murrysville if you're around. They tried to screw my dad, but as soon as I said "not til 15k", the guy looked like a deer in headlights.
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