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Got some '99 SRAD 750 forks laying about I'd love to put to use on my k6 650S, I've been trying to make sense of the stickied posts as to which other bits I need, and it's confusing me even further!
These forks are 50mm upper diameter and 54 lower.
As I understand it, I'll likely need some k4/k5 GSXR 750 Triples, which are almost a direct swap into the SV.
The thing that's catching me off guard is the front wheel/spindle. Are there any alternatives to the SRAD 750 wheel that I could look at?
Would be looking for a set of SRAD 750 6 pot calipers also. Unless there are alternatives to those I could also look into.
Are there any other issues that might arise from this particular set of forks that'd make it more worth it to try and sell them instead, to opt for a different set? As this set was damn near free when I managed to pick them up about 6 months ago.
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