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i purchased the turn signals from 911 moto, but can't get them to work.... i bought a flash rate reducer for 13 bucks when i made my rear signals led. It cured the problem perfectly. There is a great thread about this somewhere on this website if you search for it. A couple people explain how they used resistors instead.

My guess is that to install the 911 moto resistors you just wire them in-line on the positvive wire before it connects to the turn signal. Just make loose connections and try different configurations until it works. FYI the black wire with the long white stripe traveling lengthwise is the negitive/ground/return wire.

Hope this helps. I plan on calling 911moto tomorrow to find out why I can't get the front turn signals to light up at all. I tried wiring in a 8ohm 20 watt resistor from radio shack, but no configuration worked.
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