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I find that the biggest hinderence in the tight twisties is not the 1k's extra weight (a lot can be trimmed) so much as it's extra power. You just have to be so much smoother on the throttle and you're in a lower gear, making every throttle input that much more significant.
Gentle inputs are required.
Not unlike the 650, the 1K suffers in the suspension dept. So either way, plan to spend MORE money on that.

Everyone, regardless of what bike they have, wants to get MORE out of it. To be painfully honest, I don't really know what I'd do with more than my 1K's have.........likely die.

If I lived in town, I might lean more tword a 650, but I don't. I've ridden them before, but after having a 1K, it was not near as thrilling as I care for (and I'm old).
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