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600 vs 1000 super sport

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So i was taking a stroll through the dealership today and i came up to a cbr. I thought to myself, "Wow this thing looks so compact and tight, i wanna ride it!" Then i look at the badge, and it says cbr 1000rr.... Then I looked across the lane and saw the cbr 600rr.

It was then that i noticed that the 1000's are much smaller and tighter than any of the 600's.. The seat hight on 1k's are shorter, overall width looks thinner, and overall bike height is shorter.

Then i talk to ppl that track a lot and they say that 1000's aren't as good in the corners.....

But how can a 1000 that only weighs 20 lbs more than a 600 be worse in handling??? And why are all the 600's larger than the 1000's????
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Not all are larger, it's mostly the look of the new short nosed 1000 cbr's. 600's are smaller, lighter and more nimble, also use less fluid capacities and have a thinner rear tire.
yeah the new cbr1000RR

looks real short because of the stub nose and small tail

the 600rr is more conventional looking
the r6's and r1's and zx6' and zx10's all share the same characterstics.

I've noticed these things from most models '03 and up.... Honestly every time i see a 1000 i think its a 600... then i look at a 600 and i'm like wtf its 10 feet bigger....
But how can a 1000 that only weighs 20 lbs more than a 600 be worse in handling??? ????
The larger crank/wheels/tires/rotors create more centrifugal force making the bike harder to change direction. It's not so much how much weight but where it is.

Add to that the 50% hp increase trying to break your rear wheel loose! ;D
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