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I live in Denver Colorado, 10 minutes from the mountain canyons.

I have been riding for over forty years, street and touring. I have owned 15 0r 20 motorcycles in that time. Started on 60's era Brit bikes BSA's, Matchless, even a Harley Sportster at one time. Then upgraded to Japanese bikes. Last June I got tired or wrestling my Kawasaki Concours around town on errands so went looking for something smaller and lighter. I have sort of lusted over the Suzuki V twins since the DL's came out. The SV's are all too tall for my 28 inch inseam, but the Gladius with an advertised 30" seat height seemed like a good fit. I was lucky to find an 09 with 4000 miles on it, a new baby a fearful wife, and the nice young man had to let his bike go.
The test ride.............this bike was tiny compared to my Concours, and squirrly. I liked it any way. Had to put on a little windshield, but after a few hundred miles I fell in love. With out a doubt this is the funnest most enjoyable motorcycle I have ever ridden. Almost 10,000 in it now. It winds up so quickly I would bump up against the rev limiter in the beginning. This thing is so flickable through the twisties I am constantly being amazed. Most rides I have the opportunity to ride it WFO and am surprised how easily it gets into the triple digits on the speedo, seems so effortless. My new girlfriend loves our rides. I do need to do something with the rock hard seat for both of us, after a couple of hours there is no amount of shifting or standing that will relieve the discomfort. My old Connie would get consistently 45 MPG. My new Gladius gives me high 50,s and mostly mid 60 MPG out on the highway, even two up, in the mountains charging through the curves. What a pleasant surprise that was. This summer I will be doing some more serious touring traveling. After I do something about the seat, that sheepskin set cover is not enough.
Love the bike and this forum is one of the best for any bike.
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