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I have been meaning to do it as a summer project, as the bike I bought came with LEDs (Good ones as far as I was told), but the issue is the few years I spent driving a car, every time I had a car with led headlight slapped on without a projector housing, it would always be glaring at my rear view mirror plus not to mention it was always a thing I wanted to do to my car back when I used to drive and I love that clean cut off line in the dark look.

I have been looking around car/bike projector kits around ebay for about 70ish CAD, since I won't be installing HIDs (I always found them to be overkill) it really brings the price down.

Will be going for something like this, but I'll skipping out on the coloured lens, feel like it's one of those things that look amazing now, but will quickly get old.

Wanted to ask the people that ventured into this (I don't have any motorcycle tinkering experience apart from cars) is there any word of warning or advice or know any good guides already existing for an SV650s?
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