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2nd gen SVs to naked conversion questions..

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Hi all, first post.. Been trying to find info through search but not working out too good so here's all my questions..
I just got an '04 S with front end damage.. No fairing or headlight left, no gauge bracket either..
gauges are there and I've got a straight set of forks on the way, from an extremely helpful member here..
I want to make it a naked with regular bars and risers.. I can drill into my S top clamp for that correct.?
Next, I'm going to need longer cables and brake lines correct.?
Ones from a gen 2 naked should work right.?
I may make my own gauge mount from a bracket I happen to have from a 98 katana 600, fits right on the front frame so i'm half done.. I would LOVE to see a pic of the height and angle of someone's gauges on a naked, can't seem to find one here or with google's help..
I'm going to go with a flyscreen of unknown choosing to cover whatever I have going on with my DIY bracket..
On a budget, I'm thinking about this setup -Item number: 250297842433- on ebay, its a UFO flyscreen with headlights, or maybe a kit from flyncycle but not many say D.O.T. approved or have high beams..

Next area of confusion is brakes.. My master is trashed BUT I have 2 here I could use.. My confusion is with radial vs. non-radial I keep reading about and never found the 'whats the difference' page.. I have a master from the same gsx600 katana as the bracket above, complete with lever.. OR.. a more similar to the SV with the seperate reservoir type from a 98 zx6 but I would need a lever for that one.. Which one can I / Should I use (and if its not asking too much, Why?)..

Anything else I'm overlooking for this repair/conversion... Thanks in advance.. I've spent hours reading this forum and have learned much.. I CANNOT WAIT to take this bad BOY for a spin.. It sounds awesome with a two brothers exhaust on it..

Thanks again, Joe
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You will need longer brake and clutch lines, along with longer throttle cables.

Brake and clutch lines from any 2nd-gen 'N' should work fine. The throttle cables, on the other hand, won't. They mount differently between the S and 'N'. Convertibars ( sells longer S lines for $59.95.

Unless you add some reinforcement to the triple, I wouldn't mount bar risers to it. It's pretty thin and would hate to have it break or crack while riding... Used 2nd-gen triples normally go for ~$100.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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