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I have the complete ABS system off my 2007 SV650A if anyone's interested.

I was trying to replace the rubber brake lines to SS lines over the past weekend. Doing so required me to separate the rubber lines from the solid in-frame tubing connected via a block fitting on the frame. I tried and tried but could not separate this fitting and ended up rounding the 10mm nut connected to the fitting. I got really ****** off and in desperation dismantled the entire ABS system off my bike.

What I have it the ABS hub and its frame and cover found behind the rear shock, the set of short hard lines connected to the rear rubber brake lines and the 2 hard lines leading to the front connected to the front rubber brake lines. The front hard lines are bent but tubing is still round (no pinched points). the 10mm nut connected to the block fitting is completely rounded out.

Took me a long time to disassemble the bike, unbolt everything off without busting out the cutting wheel and I will buy another bike before even thinking of reinstalling this system, so it is useless to me now.

So ...... If anyone's interested, contact me and make me an offer.
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