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Obviously, this is a used part. This came on the bike when I bought it a couple of years ago. FWIW, the bike had 1500 miles on it when I took it off. I'm gonna do my best to give
an accurate description. Off of an '05 yeller. Looks like previous owner laid it down at low speed. None of the metal fasteners or clips are included, only the plastic. I intended on fixing
this when I got the chance, but I've decided I'm just tired of this thing taking up space in my attic.

Right side has normal wear. Nothing out of the norm.

The left side is another story...large crack as shown.

This is the only tab that is broken.

I don't know what kinda crap the previous owner used to glue this back together...but most of the plastic is still there.
I don't have the plastic that goes in the void.

Someone please make me an offer and take this off my hands.
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