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2008 ZX-6 Rear shock on 2003 SV650?

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So I have a chance to get a 2008 ZX-6 rear shock and was trying to figure out whether it would fit on my bike. From what I have seen, the spring may be to heavy for me (160) and a bit longer than stock (10mm I think).

Could it be put on like the other GSXR shocks and what not? Would I need to re-spring, and how much does that cost in a guesstimate. Would it even be worth doing? Thanks

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re-springing can cost anywhere from 60-100 for the spring and more if you get a shop to swap the springs for you. (experience from re-springing my ninja)

just judging from the pictures on ebay it looks like the cartridge might get in the way... but you could probably get away with cutting into the battery box to fix it. you might be able to get away with it scott free if you have an 03 sv
if you re-spring it, look at or hypercoil springs. you will have to find a spring of the same Inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) and close enough full length that you can fit it in the cups... with more modern rear shocks you will probably find replacement springs in the same dimensions. i had to machine new cups for my lil' ex500
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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