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2008 tanks interchangeable with 2005?

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I just recently purchased a 2008 fuel tank to replace my badly mangled stock 2005 tank. Are these tanks interchangeable? Also can anyone point me to a good write up of how to remove a fuel tank and install a new one? I dont see how to get at the hinge bolts, or remove all the fuel lines...


Oh and Tugboat is starting to take to potty training! he's the one in my avatar... :)
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I was hoping more like $10....
Does that smaller can sound louder, deeper, higher than the original?

Oh yeah and it does look very clean,, good job.
not to be an ass but I think I'm going to keep it & use some art model clear coat to refinish it. I always thought the design of it was cheesy. After taking the exhaust apart and seeing how much work goes into these & the quality of craftsmanship the cheesy logo decal has kinda grown on me. it wont be going back on the bike though.
Yes the oval background is a a bit cheesy.

So did the exhaust note change on it?

Thanks .
The exhaust note has changed in a big way... Deeper growl and dampened just enough to keep from sounding like a harley with straight pipes. I always thought it was a bit too quiet for me before. Its at a good volume level now.. sounds like a real race bike.

Used the same brand packing materials as it had in it stock. packing comes from silent sports. I didnt use a containment bag like it comes stuffed in stock though, just stuffed it in with my hands and the back of my hammer.
It was too quiet!?
That thing is loud (full can).
It was too quiet!?
That thing is loud (full can).
only when idling really. but yeah it always had a nice low murmur when idling. not loud at all. its a lot louder now lets just say that... heh. I can try to take a video and post on youtube. I'll post it here when I do.
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