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2008 SV650SF - Hard starting after freeway riding...

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I've been having starting issues after riding on the freeway. If I ride for more than half an hour at freeway speed and shut the bike off (for example to stop for gas) I have a really hard time getting it started again. I have to keep trying it over and over again until it finally starts.

This doesn't happen with city riding. I can ride all day long in stop and go traffic at 25-45 mph and it will start right up after being turned off.

Does anyone know what could cause this?
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Hi Jon, This issue has been a hot topic here in the south.I work at a Honda dealership as a technician, A large percentage of our Customer base complains of the same thing these last few months. Honda Technical engineering is attributing it to ethanol based fuel boiling in the fuel rail(s), causing a vapor lock condition., let it sit 30-45 minutes, starts every time., Honda says they can't do anything about it at this point, Thank the lobbyists and politicians for this one.
Thanks for the response. That's interesting to know.
Sounds the same as a Hot-Start Vapor-Lock problem on the newer fuel injected Cessna Aircraft at one time.

I'd check with Suzuki to see if they have a fix and if not, go for it yourself. I would isolate the fuel lines and then try wrapping them with some heat proof barrier. First thing comes to mind is maybe buy some of that wire loom used to protect a run of wire in the engine compartment. Then, I would buy some aluminum tape which usually comes in a roll about the width of duct tape. Try wrapping that loom as it is around your fuel line. The Aluminum tape should act as a pretty good reflective shield unless it is physically laying on a heat source. I would also look at the routing of the lines to see if something is going on their that could be altered.
It's in the owners manual that a hard start, cold or hot, can be assited by cracking the throttle open. I guess injectors will open giving more fuel. No ethanol in my fuel but have experienced it before. :)

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