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I have only the parts listed left.
these are all from a 2008 SV650 Naked
bike had 8500 miles and was not raced.
all prices are plus shipping.
hit me up for combined shipping.
I will mark the part “SOLD” or “SPF” if a part is no longer available.

Radiator Fan--$30 SOLD
Horn with Bracket--$10
Radiator temp sensor (Yellow, Fan switch)--$15
Front tire Splash guard--free with other purchase
Left Hose--$5
Right Hose--$5

2nd gen valve covers with "PAIR" hose--$50 (or $25 Each, minus hose)

Tank, Factory graphite, no lock, dents as pictured below. Comes WITH fuel Pump. --$220 SOLD stuff/sv650parts3.jpg stuff/sv650parts4.jpg stuff/sv650parts5.jpg stuff/sv650parts6.jpg

Factory rear shock/spring--$25


positive battery cable with mini fuse block--$15

Thermostat Housing with temp sensor and hoses shown--$20

Stator--$55 SOLD stuff/sv650parts11.jpg

kick stand--$20 SOLD stuff/sv650parts12.jpg

clutch mechanism (no shaft, no cable)--$5

Factory Dogbones--$5

Left passenger Rear set--$25
Right passenger rear set--$25 <<< OR $40 for BOTH >>>

Left pilot rearset (note, footrest and toe pad on shift lever broken)--$20 SOLD stuff/sv650parts16.jpg

Right pilot rearset (includes functional brake light switch)--$50 SOLD stuff/sv650parts18.jpg

CDI box--$50

Rear Seat lock with worn cable (one end looks bent but functional)--$15

Throttle body boots--$10

Front dual coil--$25

Rear Dual Coil--$25

Chain guard--$10

Battery Box/under cover--$30 SOLD stuff/sv650parts25.jpg stuff/sv650parts26.jpg

Air Filter box, (no air filter, includes both electrical portions)--$20

Cush drive and Sprocket--$30


Throttle Bodies (assembled as removed from engine)--$180

Exhaust cover--$5

Main wiring Harness--$45
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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