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Many of you local guys have seen this bike, it's a 2007 Candy Sonoma Red with a little under 40k miles. I am the second owner, and the first owner bought it new from Mattison in Raleigh back in '07 or '08. It's been regularly maintained and serviced by me as long as I've had it, and I can tell you all about anything that's ever been done to it. I had a minor lowside crash While on a group ride in March 2011, and I had the damaged plastics professionally repaired, but not repainted, by Johan in Clayton. There was very little damage, thanks to the slider and the sidecase, so I simply had him weld, fill, sand, and prime the affected fairings, which I followed with a pretty closely matching duplicolor myself. You can't tell from a distance, but upon close inspection you can see that the repaired areas have a different sheen. There was no damage to the frame, motor or other hard parts, and only minor rash on the clutch lever, barend, left slider peg, and left sidecase.

It does have lots of touring-oriented mods and upgrades, many of which I have the original parts for.

*0.95 kg/mm Sonic Springs in forks with Racetech gold valves and Traxxion damper rods
*Stainless steel braided brake lines
*Progrip gel touring grips
*Zero Gravity "Double Bubble" windscreen
*12V auto accessory socket mounted in dash fairing
*Leo Vince SBK muffler and decat midpipe

It has a Bales Tech oil filter adapter fitted so that you can use standard threaded (non-Suzuki) oil filters. I prefer Purolator PureOne or the high-end Bosch filters, but you can also use the $2-3 Walmart brand ones if you like.

*Wolo (Stebel Nautilus clone) air horn and direct-to-battery relay
*Vista Cruise Throttle Lock
*Converted upper triple for using standard bars, including longer throttle and clutch cables.
*Adjustable aluminum brake/clutch levers, standard size (Pazzo clones)
*Aluminum mirror extenders (so your shoulders don't fill the mirrors with high bars installed)
*Lower fairing kit with R&G no-cut sliders
*OEM gel comfort seat
*12v accessory distribution block and 12v auto accessory socket in tail trunk
*SW Motech Alu-rack sidecase mounts and topcase mount
*Givi E360N sidecases and Givi E460 top case.

*Hyabusa rear shock (Heavier spring = better for touring and two-up, I have a GSXR750 shock that I can put in instead if it would be better for your weight and riding style)

Maintenance/Parts history:

*The front tire is a Pirelli Angel with approx. 2k miles left in it, and the back is a Michelin Pilot Road 2 that will go at least the same before you're into the wear bars. Both are less than two years old.
*Throttle bodies synchronized some time during the summer of 2010(can't find that receipt, but it was done by TPS in Smithfield)
*Oil was changed about 1300 miles ago
*Both brake circuits were last bled and had fluid replaced in November 2011 when I put EBC pads on the rear, while the front pads were replaced with Vesrah RJL's in May 2011
*Forks were last serviced in May of 2011 with 12W fork oil.
*Valve clearances checked at 30k in Spring 2011, all in spec.
*Spark plugs were replaced in November of 2011.
*AGM battery and battery tender adapter installed in January 2012.
*D.I.D. X-Ring chain and AFAM alloy sprockets installed in January 2012.

The picture I have was taken before I put the Givi topcase, bars, and mirror extenders on it, but it's otherwise the same.

As it sits, with all the installed parts, extra parts, and original parts included, I'm listing it for $3600.


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It's a beautiful bike at a very good price. Good luck with the sale.

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If I didn't just buy a K1200RS, I'd be all over it.
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