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I recently picked up a Red 2006 SV650S with 6160 miles on it. Bone stock. absolutely nothing has been done to it by the previous owner who had owned it since about 450 miles on it. Took good care of it for sure.

Now I am not big on having passengers, figure I like doing too many stupid things on a bike to begin with, I don't need to be responsible for someone else.

So away go the foot pegs and replaced with a nice bit of machined aircraft aluminum. Black matches nicely with the frame.

And I still had a seat cowl from an SV1000S I had 5 years ago. Didn't feel like finding the red paint that belongs with this bike so I decided that since the seat is black to start, well then I am making the seat cowl black too.

We will have to see what it looks like on the bike when it is done drying. Using a nice epoxy type paint so it should last up fairly well.
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