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Alright so I've been collecting parts here for ~1 month... I have almost everything and plan on starting this build as soon as I receive the last 2 or 3 things in the mail.

This is probably the most up-to-date photo I have of the bike. 5k miles and its an 03! (about 2k of that is me in this past riding season)

Here is a quick list of things that I have done to it so far:
- 2007 zx10r rear shock
- Motosliders
- Rizoma front signals
- Delkevic slip on
- Hot Bodies double bubble dark tint windscreen
- Knock-off Levers
- Comp Werkes FE with some custom changes

List of things to cover in this build:
- GSXR Fork Swap
* 2007 gsxr 750 forks/calibers/axle/lower triple/stem/clip-ons
* 2006 gsxr 600 rim/tire/rotors/fender
* 2005 gsxr 600 top triple
* SV Stock controls
* Hall Effect Sensor
* Rear Wheel powder coat black
- Flash to Pass Garage Door Opener
- Techspec or HammerGrip tank pads
- Heat Wrapping for exhaust
- My plan is to attempt to use the stock clip ons but if I can't I will just order some with a rise.

I'm sure I will expand this list once ideas hit me and I sell my stock front suspension to recoup some $$$.

Here is a photo of how I plan on hanging the bike, I'm going to use 2 straps to stabilize (this was taken when swapping the rear shock)

This build will be on its way soon I just put this out there so I don't forget... Feel free to comment in this thread-

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Update 10/12/11
- Put together what I have of the gsxr front end to make sure that it all went together

Update 10/13/11
- Ordered SVRP 50mm 2.5in riser clip ons
- Going to be propping the bike up on the jack stands and hung from the ceiling tonight, possibly taking off fairings as well.

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Mocked up the forks onto the frame to ensure the stops worked and that the top triple fit. I had to dremel out the stem hole in the top triple because the machine shops around here wanted $75+ to do it because "Its metric".

Also The bolts on the ignition were stripped completely so my dad and I decided to dremel the heads off... only to find out they are countersuck :facepalm:

So we're going to need to drill out the bolts while heating it because that blasted loc-tite is working too good. More pictures will come later this is just one that I snapped with my phone really quick.


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Update TIME!!!

Dad dremeling the bolt heads off the ignition

We then proceeded to drill into the bolt in order to get an extraction bit in there... Small bit broke off and had a hole 30 minutes dedicated to one side. Ended up heating it up with the torch and pop! the head broke off lol not to mention the thread on that side for a new bolt are screwed up (good thing its my old one)

We then moved onto the second bolt.. Same approach.
Dremel head
Drill holes
Extractor kit w/ torch


Oh so thats why it was such a pain to get out

Needless to say I'll have to take a trip to the hardware store to look for 2 bolts to replace these... no biggy but does anyone know what size they are??

Mocked back up

New adjustable 2.5in riser clip ons

Starting to look more like a motorcycle...


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The completed top triple all snugged up. STEERING LOCK WORKS!!! Went to sears and got the button head bolts.. Since I destroyed the others

Threw the rim/tire on just to see what it looks like

By the way this tire was put on backwards. Whoever did it for the guy I bought the rim off of.... is that a huge concern?

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So tonight....

Tightened down clip on bolts and put some loc-tite on them, put all the fairings on including windscreen and other mirror lol

Also got so excited yesterday when I rode I forgot to check the tire pressure.... It was ~5 psi, I know noob mistake. So filled it to 25 which was what the rear was at (assuming that's right)

Speedo still not hooked up and is wire tied inside the fairing for now. Gonna go on another test rider this weekend if it's nice enough. I still need to powdercoat the rear wheel black and replace both tires.

So finally here are the pics as she sits now. Such a great bike in my opinion.

Pictured here with my future bike lol when my dad can't ride anymore.

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Test ride today was perfect. Everything tightened down and not leaking.

The best way I could describe the front end to my dad while on the ride was:

"The brakes are so much better, The black looks amazing and the bike "agrees" with the turns"

So all that is left is to get the hall effect sensor hooked up, get new chain/sprockets, wrap exhaust, rear wheel powder coated... (unless someone has a black one for trade) and to get new wheels. Needless to say i'll be checking for sales online this weekend.

Here are some pictures that I took just to photo-wh0re it up :naughty:


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Small update:

Just tonight hooked up the hall effect sensor so I now have a functional speedo
Got tires for Christmas!!
Ordered sprockets/chain from Blair today
Which means:
I need to find a powder coater
I need to take off the chain guard
14-45t sprockets w/ gold chain
I also need to change the oil... It's looking pretty dark
Also contemplating ordering hammergrips

More updates to come after I get back from another work-cation to Raleigh.
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