I've decided to part out everything on my trusty 2003 SV1000S. I've had her since 2010 and I've been down on the right side with the only damage being on the fairing, exhaust, mirror, bar end and frame slider. And the only mechanical issue is that the low fuel light doesn't come on.

Let me know if there is anything you want.

Aftermarket parts that might be of interest:
Modified headlight with R6 projector and led bulb (will fit 650s) - $300
SW Motech rack - for mounting givi cases. top case rack also included (will fit 650s) - $300
2 into 1 yoshimura rs3 exhaust - it has been chopped down a bit for luggage clearance and has rash from being down - SOLD
GSXR mirrors with built in turn signals - some rash (will fit 650s) - $20
Sargent seat (will fit 650s) - SOLD
Puig double bubble windscreen (will fit 650s) - $50
Hayabusa bar ends - reduce vibrations - $5
Colour-matched undertail with built-in turn signals (will fit 650s) - $80
gas tank - SOLD