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I've owned this bike since Feb. '08 - longest I've ever owned a motorcycle! - but it's time for something new. No problems with it - I just need something different now.

14,135 miles
I bought it with 1,339 miles from the second owner. First owner was the wife of a Harley dealer in NH. Second owner (also female) bought it in NH, moved with it to SC and then to GA (where I bought it). You'll have one of the most well-traveled Buells in New England - I've ridden this bike in GA, AL, NC, TN, NJ, NY, CT, NH...not that that means squat to you :)

All service records since I've owned it
Taillight is slightly tinted, to better match the now-black and fender-chopped subframe
Shortened front turn signal stalks
Buell Streetfighter seat
Buell "yellow" shock
Buell Race Kit - muffler (black), air filter, computer. You could easily sell this for several hundred dollars + swap for stock
Bar end mirrors (still have stock Mickey Mouses)
Reroute hoses mod
DarkHorseMOto front and rear axle sliders
Airbox delete mod (and the filter lights up at night...squid points!)5/17/08
Trackside grip heaters
Custom Chrome Clutchlite inner clutch ramp - makes clutch action ~ 1/3 easier
Amperite Co. Head-Alert Vehicular Headlight Modulator
At 9,004 miles (6/10/09), the right front wheel bearing blew. H-D installed new front wheel and bearings, right fork tube, front axle, rotor mounting hardware, and changed fork oil in left fork
New EBC HH front brake pads @ 9774 miles
Pirelli Diablo's installed @ 12,403

A box full of extras I'll throw in:
Buell tailbag
A new set of EBC HH front pads
Stock rear fender, signed by Erik Buell
Stock cluck ramp
Stock upper belt guard
Stock mirrors
Stock airbox cover
Bunch of misc hardware I've removed

Asking $3500obo. Open to trade ideas...most likely for a cruiser or (sport) touring-type bike for something different, though I might consider other, non-supersport bikes. Not interested in an SV trade, unfortunately - already have one for a race bike :)

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