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Turns out that 40mm risers will fit on my 2002 650N, without replacing any cables or lines. Barely. :)

Had read that one inch, aka 25 mm, was all you could do. Tried common cheap eBay 30mm risers, was a big improvement and fit pretty easily. Couple easy tricks makes the less cheap ($30) Amazon 40mm risers ("Xitomer") work pretty well. At extra 10 mm didn't make as much difference as expected, but a little goes a long ways with ergos.

Brake line is the most restrictive. But it just fits. Rotating the master cylinder helps a bit. As might moving it inwards a couple millimeters, though that doesn't help with the rear view mirrors. Less obvious, is that the banjo bolt to the master cylinder can be loosened and retightened to optimize the angle towards the splitter.

Everything else seems to just fit, except that the throttle cables can bind at full lock. Mostly cured by rounding off the bottom of the plastic instrument cluster corner, and also taking some of the edge off of the front right turn signal bracket. Innontrusive little mods, to remove any sharp edges that restrict cable movement and also wear on the cable outer sheath(s).

The 40mm risers come with their own caps (top clamps), instead of relying on the stock caps. Look and work good. No assortment of aluminum spacers is provided to optimize bolt length, but each bolt has a steel washer that could be removed for that. (The Amazon photos seem to show bolts that are too short, but they are actually longer and a pretty good length, I think.)

Still wish the bars were higher, and straighter for more comfort when standing on pegs. More future work for me. :-( Mine also has the lowered Buell foot pegs, and raised seat height with the Maddog pad, both very helpful--did separate reviews on those.


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