I decided to try to make my own seat cowl. I produced a fiberglass mold and made a few. They are made of gel coat and fiberglass with a plywood stringer and pad for the latch mounts. You re-use the front latch from your pillion seat. They are not perfect but they look very nice on the bike. They are painted as close as I could match to the yellow pearl that is the stock 2002 color. The match is not perfect but it is way better than the paint I bought from Colorrite. It is a 3 part paint scheme. Base, pearl and Spraymax 2K clear. Spraymax 2K clear is highly resistant to chemicals and gasoline.
I have 2 for sale. Each has one small chip as seen in photos. They are both very shiney but have some "orange peel". For best appearence they should be sanded with 1000 wet and polished. The one shown on the bike has been sanded and polished.
They are $118 each shipped to the contiguous US. PayPal. Please PM for questions