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1st gen radiator question.

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is there any other models out there where i can use a radiator to replace mine? (00 sv650) or any companys that sell a replacement thats not going to break my bank account?
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Not really. A 99~02 R6 rad will work with some fabrication. I haven't done it, but it was popular for the racing crowd. There are some larger aftermarket race radiators (some on eBay) but they are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Best bet, is to beg and plead for a decent shape used one.
well when i bought my bike the previous owner decided it would be cool to stand on the tank with out a steering stablizer well guess what ... the bike ran into a pole and snapped the forks and the front end. well i replaced the whole front with stuff i got off ebay. but it bent the radiator like none other but i fixed a small leak it had and it holds fluid and circulates but i would really like a non bent one that looks like somone bent it on there knee. im looking at covers for now but if i could find another one i would be tickled pink.
There is someone on this board that is supposedly really good at fixing them, and not a big price. did you try using google to search? the search on the forums isn't too good...

here is the website i found using google
but with some mixed reviews, so you know, buyer beware i guess.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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