1999 Suzuki SV-650, Blue

Comprehensive Google photo picture archive of the bike, taken two days ago (see exif), here:

Best way to view the pics is to click on the first one and then use mouse on either side of the image to go through them. Or the keyboard right and left arrows on a computer keyboard. Pictures include photos of of my detailed maintenance records.

I have done all my own work on the bike, since purchase, and documented it in the maintenance records in the photo archive. Also, I own the correct year Suzuki Shop Manual and the correct year Clymer manual for this bike.

The valve lash clearance well within spec at this time. See maintenance history for valve lash adjustments (done by me). The bike is in perfect condition with new Dunlop Sportmax II tires.

I bought the bike in 2002 with 2517 miles. I have always ridden on sunny Sunday mornings early to avoid traffic.

(Always) Completely stock mechanically except for two shims under the needles and 17.5 mains in the carb, 2 3/8 turns on idle screw. This setup produces, by far, the best low end torque with the stock exhaust.

Also, I have added an electronic deer whistle which produces a 110 dB, high frequency sound aimed at 45 degrees from the road. It works. See pictures for implementation. I have seen deer stopped at the side of the road, or turn and run back at least four times. You can see its mounting in the google photo album at the link below. The whistle comes on automatically with the key in the on position and a good battery. Stays on for the entire ride independent of speed (I usually am in the 45 mph range so the wind activated ones don't work).

The model of the electronic deer whistle is: XP3 Corporation - Inventors of the Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidance System

Also, I added a Daytona Digital Temperature meter and a manual switch on the fan so I can turn on the fan when it reaches a temp I choose for the fan to come on. I felt the thermostat let it get too hot before fan onset. NOTE: This non-mechanical mod DOES require the rider to be awake if one is doing slow speed on hot day. You cannot forget to turn on the fan! You can also see the implementation of the switch and the digital sensor in the picture archive at the google photo archive link. The sensor replaced the thermostat (which I think I still have).

Always garaged in winter, never ridden in winter. Maybe once the bike has been in the rain. I rode only in good, clear weather recreationally, mostly Sunday mornings. I have used NO ETHANOL gasoline for the last 8 years to avoid worrying about winter storage gunk in the carb. Bike always cranks and runs smooth immediately after winter storage with no ethanol gas.

My maintenance record is also in the pictures. It is detailed and complete. Note, between 2012 and last year I changed the oil and filter and used Valvoline Motorcycle specific conventional oil 10-40. Last year I used Mobil 1 synthetic motorcycle oil.

I have not commuted with the bike. Sunday morning rides into the Fingerlakes of NY sometimes with friends but mostly alone.

Why am I selling?
I am 63 coming up on 64 fast now. I can feel that the bike is heavier to move around these days and is starting to feel "big" when riding. Also, unlike all the years until now, I don't get the same feeling I used to get on an early, sunny, Sunday morning. I get more of a mortality feeling than a rush. Not good. My son told me I should seriously consider my good luck to date and stop riding before I end up a crippled old man (bad luck outcome) or dead (what he calls a good luck outcome).

I have no idea what to list the bike at but I looked at new prices and they are astronomical. The bike is in excellent shape, was never abused, starts and runs immediately, burns zero oil and has been a joy in my life since 2002.

But, I am an old man now and I have to admit it. I have been on this board since 2003 or so. I grieved when the founder of this website was killed on a track event on Sunday years ago. The website has changed profoundly but still remains genteel with folks polite, mostly, and, focused on the hobby and what we all have in common...love of the SV-650 - the best motorcycle of all time.

This? Is one of the best websites on the web.

Thanks for looking. I clicked the "receive email notifications so I should respond reasonably quickly to any interested party.

Lastly, I do have a "custom" seat which is just a cutout of some Confor Foam (blue), in the shape of the top of the stock seat that I ordered as a sample years ago. It is wrapped in a black shirt and placed on top of the stock seat and GREATLY improves compression damping to the posterior. Comes free with the bike. :cool: