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Need to make some more room in the garage, so I'm selling my old '78 GS.

(Photos available in my associated local CL ad; see the bottom of this post.)

Complete and running - even have a partial original toolkit!
Also throwing in my Haynes and Clymer manuals for the bike.

Here's the rundown of what I did to it since I bought it:

- Fuel tank interior cleaned / lightly coated with sealant
- New fuel petcock
- Full carburetor rebuild (all four of them)
- Valves inspected and shimmed
- New spark plugs
- New spark plug boots
- New ignition switch assembly (original was very gummed up)
- New ignition coils
- New maintenance-free (AGM) battery
- All new stainless bolts for the engine casings
- New front brake pads
- New rear brake pads
- New rear wheel bearings
- New clutch cable
- New EBC extra-power clutch springs (originals still on-hand)
- New O-ring chain
- New drive sprocket
- New rear sprocket
- New Bridgestone S11 tires (and tubes)
- Replacement gauge cluster
- Replacement mirrors
- Fresh fluids (engine oil, fork oil, brake fluid)

The bad:

The tachometer in the replacement cluster doesn't seem to be reading accurately.
There is a tear in the seat cover.
The previous owner spot-welded some carriers for aftermarket coils to the front of the frame. I didn't bother to remove them.
There is some flaking of the paint in places.

The good:

The paint is all original (or at least it appears to be, and I haven't done anything to it).
The speedometer in the replacement cluster functions perfectly.
Gear indicator works fine, as do the rest of the idiot lights.
R/R has been checked over; charging system seems good.
Clutch examined; no abnormal wear, plates well within spec.
Electric start works, as does the kickstarter.
Timing and mixture have been set.
Compression within service limits.

Clean and clear title in hand.

$1500 cash takes it.

If you are going to be at the AMA's VMD next weekend and are interested, let me know; I am considering riding it out there on either Friday or Saturday and offering it for sale, if it isn't sold by then. So if you want it and will be there, we can meet up that way.

Photos are available on my CL ad:
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