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I am waiting for parts for my sv anyways..
i have 14192 miles on it.
i figure thats close enoug to 15000.
i cant imagain much changing and affecting it in the next 800 miles.

i got chain and sprockets, tires, im going to paint it and do some body work, clean it up good and greese everything, change the oil and oil filter, clean the k+n filter,

might look into cams i would have to read up on that.
and hayabusa pistons also would like to read up on all of this.
aftermarket coils are on my list also.
i have clipons i baught.
and when i am done i will set up my suspension, sag, preload.
and change my fork springs to .85's because i have .90 right now. i think the .85's will be better for me.

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souldn't you get new gas tank??

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Sounds like fun - but give consideration to only doing one thing at a time. If something isn't right - and you've done all of it at once - you won't really know WTF is going on.
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