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1000s dual-exhaust question

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I might be upgrading to an sv1000s in the near future.  I love the looks of the bike, but Im not a big fan of the dual exhaust pipes.  Its primarily a concern of mine, b/c I would like to do some track days, and It looks like those pipes might get in the way of my aggressive cornering.  Also, I'd like to drop some of that weight.

I took the msf and I've been riding a gs500 for 8 months.  I've done my own wrenching from changing oil to cleaning carbs and replacing fuel lines.  I've found that my pegs scrape the ground when I lean hard into corners..

Are there any sv1000 riders out there that have converted to a single pipe/ dual high-mount pipes/ or small pipes (much like those on the '06 r6/gsx-r's)? 
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The stock cans will drag under very aggressive cornering.. I ended up going to an M4 race-mount 2 into 1 full system. Dropped a ton of weight and clearance is no longer a concern..
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